What is Indirect Bonding?

INDIRECT BONDING (IDB) is a proprietary technique for applying braces faster and more accurately than traditional methods.

Traditionally, individual brackets are applied directly to your teeth one at a time – often an uncomfortable and time consuming process. With IDB, brackets are first fitted to your impressions in a precise and controlled laboratory setting before they are put on. Then all the brackets are simultaneously applied to your teeth. This technique is much faster and more precise than traditional methods so you spend less time in treatment or in the waiting room.

Dr. Bill is one of the nation’s orthodontic pioneers, perfecting the IDB process over the last 8 years.

The Benefits of Indirect Bonding:

  • More precise placement of brackets
  • Faster application – less time “in the chair”
  • Less repositioning of brackets
  • Less trauma to the patient
  • More comfortable
  • Better looking – high tech appearance